cWebClient – Almost like cheating


Making web requests is supposed to be fun!

Today is Friday and I feel like sharing a new class package. I've always felt uncomfortable using VDF's cHttpTransfer. It does it for you, eventually, but the road to success is a bit too long in many cases. I got inspired by .NET's WebClient and decided to make something similar for VDF - Great default settings for most usages but power hidden underneath for the nerds.

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Welcome, DAW Forum users!


I recently "went public" with this project and I've received many kind words after. That makes me very happy and I'm super excited about sharing more stuff with you. I wanna clarify some things that you might notice when you look at my example code and Github-content:

First off, I try to write all code with backwards compatibility in mind. Hence the lack of RefClass calls and such. Secondly, remember that you're always free to make pull requests and do your own modifications to my committed code. Finally, Be aware that my code examples (NOT MY LIBS) have memory leaks, I try to save space by skipping the deallocation calls. Don't do that in production!

Anyway, I have many thoughts on things to put here in the future. If you do to, please e-mail suggestions to erik {dot} hahne {dot} svensson {at} gmail {dot} com.

Hope you return soon!


JSON serialization


New cJSONDictionary feature!

Those of you who read the JSON Parser article probably remember that the JSON Parser returns an instance of the cJSONDictionary class. The cJSONDictionary class is now revised and I've added a method called -Serialize. Just call the method whenever you want a string representation of your cJSONDictionary, which probably is quite often.

For code examples and a more detailed description read the full article.


The JSON Parser

Nice and easy JSON parsing for VDF!

Lately I've been working on an Objective-C/Cocoa project with lots of JSON parsing. I've grown fond of working with the NSDictionary class and I figured it would be nice to have something similar for Visual Dataflex. Just simple stuff: pass a string representation of a JSON object to a parser and get a nested dictionary (cHashTable) in return. Read the full article.


Collection classes for Visual Dataflex

After working several years with VDF I've seen a lot of different takes on associative arrays. Some better, some worse. You often have to choose between speed, scalability and syntax simplicity.

The associative array is indeed a useful tool in the everyday life of a programmer but unfortunately there's no native array-like support for it in VDF.

After reading Sonny's blog series on arrays and structs in-depth I decided to look under the hood on some of the classic implementations of associative arrays and adapt one or more for VDF. Two of my classes are now available for download. Read the full article.