cJSONDictionary v1.13 now available

I've gotten reports of the fact that cJSONDictionary is dependent on dferror.pkg and/or cWebAppError.pkg. Now these packages are auto included and should therefore compile out-of-the-box for both desktop and web projects.

Grab the latest version of Vdf Web Toolkit from the Downloads page.


4 thoughts on cJSONDictionary v1.13 now available

  1. Hi Erik,

    Do you have a new version of the cJSONDictionary.pkg? I’m migrating a 18.1 WebApp that uses your tools to DF 18.2, and this pkg is not compiling, since DAW changed the error handler and the cWebAppError.pkg is not present in the DF Pkg path.
    I know, i can handle this, but would be better have a solution included by the creator, to make compatible with new versions of your web tools.

    Thanks in advance,

    Adriano L. Rodrigues

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