Here's where you find download links to the latest versions of all my Visual Dataflex class packages. Details and code examples are found in the Articles section.

Package Description
cHashTable Download The cHashTable is a powerful associative array with support for storing any data type. The zip archive also contains the cSummaryTable class.
cDictionary Download The cDictionary is a subclass of Microsoft's Scripting.Dictionary. It's a high-performance associative array with support for storing many different data types
cRegex Download The cRegex class package includes global functions for working with regular expressions.
VDF Web Toolkit Download Includes several packages for working with web content such as JSON.

8 thoughts on Downloads

  1. I’m used your Packages to implement an interface between Visual DataFlex and the Content Manage System Joomla! with JSON.

    Works very good.

    Thank you!

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