New JSON features


Due to the slight ambigousity of the cJSONDictionary I decided to add support for explicitly typed values. I've had some bad experiences with Handle and Integer collisions while serializing a cJSONDictionary to a JSON string. As a side effect this also improves the precision of the cJSONParser. Great stuff!

Download the latest VDF Web Toolkit from the downloads page.

New public method for cJSONDictionary.pkg

Procedure Set TypedValue String sKey _jsond_type type Variant vValue _jsond_type is one of the following

  • _jsond_null
  • _jsond_bool
  • _jsond_string
  • _jsond_number
  • _jsond_object
  • _jsond_array
  • _jsond_object_array

Code Example

JSON string resulted from code above


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