Some updates

Update #1
Version 1.01 of the cDictionary class is now available. It's a subclass of Microsoft's Scripting.Dictionary and it's a big speed-up compared to my cHashTable class. Unfortunately there are some limitations to what can be stored in the dictionary. The cHashTable can store any VDF type, including structs and struct arrays. The cDictionary can't. Arrays of any other type than String[] or Variant[] will also generate an error if inserted.

Avaliable methods are Set Value, Get Value, KeyExists, DeleteKey and Keys.

Update #2
Version 1.14 of cJSONParser is also available. All reduntant Ascii(c) calls have been removed. The speed gain from this was almost non-measurable, but the code looks better.

Number of milliseconds to parse a string of size x Kb.

All of the above is available on the downloads page.