JSON serialization


New cJSONDictionary feature!

Those of you who read the JSON Parser article probably remember that the JSON Parser returns an instance of the cJSONDictionary class. The cJSONDictionary class is now revised and I've added a method called -Serialize. Just call the method whenever you want a string representation of your cJSONDictionary, which probably is quite often.

For code examples and a more detailed description read the full article.


The JSON Parser

Nice and easy JSON parsing for VDF!

Lately I've been working on an Objective-C/Cocoa project with lots of JSON parsing. I've grown fond of working with the NSDictionary class and I figured it would be nice to have something similar for Visual Dataflex. Just simple stuff: pass a string representation of a JSON object to a parser and get a nested dictionary (cHashTable) in return. Read the full article.